University URLs and Domains

As of December 2015 NC State has implemented a Third-Level URL Naming Standard for campus. This rule states the definition of a third-level URL, the criteria by which units may be eligible for a third-level domain, and the process required to request one. Submit a Third-Level Domain Request.

In general only top-level college sites, major centers and business units, and recognizable services will be granted a third-level domain. Third-level domains must be:

  • unambiguous, specific and descriptive.
  • generally recognized as a word (e.g., news) or a common abbreviation (e.g., aa for Academic Affairs).
  • reasonably unique to the services offered and not likely to represent services offered by any other NC State unit.
  • unlikely to conflict with other current or future Third-level URL requests for websites, services, programs or systems.
  • unlikely to be confused with another university unit; e.g., might be confused with the College of Education.
  • unlikely to be misspelled in ways that would result in confusion with another Third-level URL.
  • free from existing or potential copyright or trademark infringements.
  • aligned with the university’s current or anticipated strategic initiatives or objectives.

All requests must be reviewed by the Vice Chancellor for Information Technology (VCIT) and the Associate Vice Chancellor for Communications (AVCC) or their designees. They will also make final decisions on all requests for exceptions and appeals. Requests are considered on a first-come, first-served basis. Because Third-level URLs are highly important, submitters should plan on an extended review cycle. A response to a request should be expected within 10 business days, but additional time may be required to work with the requestor to identify a Third-level URL that both meets their needs and complies with this naming standard.

Please review the full Third-Level Naming Standard for complete information on these requirements.

Request a Third-Level URL

URL alternatives

If you are not eligible for a third-level domain we encourage you to consider using a GoLink ( or a fourth-level URL through your department or college.
The college or unit that owns the third-level domain will need to approve its use for a fourth-level domain before you can proceed. For example, OIT representatives would have to approve If you would like to make a request for a fourth-level URL, please contact your IT support staff or email the Help Desk for assistance identifying the correct representative for approval.

Non-NCSU Domains

Domains outside of may be purchased and hosted at NC State, however before you purchase such a domain, we strongly encourage you to consult with the appropriate IT and communications personnel in your unit and related units in order to avoid unforeseen issues arising from the use of that domain. All such domains must be used for legitimate university-related activities and must be approved by NC State University.
More information on non-NCSU domains can be found at
You may submit requests for approval to use non-NCSU domains at