Hosted WordPress

The Hosted WordPress service is geared towards university departments seeking to transition an existing site from another platform to WordPress, or to create a new site from scratch.

Hosted WordPress is a good option if you do not have the technical staff to handle the maintenance over the site’s life cycle. Hosted WordPress has customizable roles for the staff you do have to add and edit content according to your departmental needs. NC State OIT’s Outreach, Communications & Consulting unit also helps with customizing role capabilities, the site’s design, and other design features by special request.

If there are specific features your department needs, you might go ahead and look at our service level agreement for an overview of the terms of service, and at the Hosted WordPress information page to get started.


$300 / year

Use Cases

Best Practices

  • Hosted WordPress is a managed environment. You will be able to add approved plugins, but non-approved plugins must be submitted to OIT staff for approval.
  • Hosted WordPress can accommodate websites with third-level and fourth-level URLs (ie. or
  • Websites in Hosted WordPress are not permitted to accept, receive, or transmit any sort of credit card information

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