• The preferred format for viewing and sharing documents online at NC State is Google Apps (Docs, Sheets etc.). For more information visit Goole Apps @ NC State.
  • Not all users will be able to view .doc, .docx, .ppt or .pptx file formats. These formats will not display in the browser, forcing the user to download the file. If the user does not have the proper software, the files cannot be viewed.
  • PDF is an acceptable format for documents that may need to be printed. However, it is not the optimum format for reading documents on the web. The aspect ratio of a PDF may not line up with the browser window, requiring extra scrolling to view the width of a document and making it frustrating to read. A typical PDF is in portrait orientation. Most web browsers are landscape-oriented.
  • Not all PDF’s are accessible. While it is possible to create an accessible PDF, the author of the document must set up the file well, with correctly marked headings, appropriately tagged images and other elements that are often overlooked. Adobe Acrobat Pro provides  an accessibility checker that can help you determine if a whether a PDF is accessible.
  • A PDF is not a web page. Never post a PDF to a page as the only content. It will not be accessible and may not display correctly. If it is necessary to include a PDF, upload it to the media library and link it to text on a page so that it opens in a new browser window when selected