Content Review Checklist

  • Is your content well edited and up to date?
    Proofread your content to ensure that it is current, clear and succinct.
  • Is your content easily readable?
    Break text into small chunks, use headings and convert paragraphs into more visual forms, such as lists, to increase readability.
  • Has your site been peer reviewed?
    Get a second opinion from someone who is familiar with your content but not involved in authoring it.
  • Is your site accessible to individuals using screen readers and other assistive technology?
    Visit Accessibility @ NC State for more information on accessibility.
  • If you are creating an official NC State site, does it comply with the university brand guidelines?
    Visit NC State Brand for detailed brand guidelines and downloadable resources.
  • Are the links on your site active and relevant?
    Avoid long lists of external links. They are impractical and difficult to maintain.
  • Are you using descriptive links?
    Make sure link text is meaningful when taken out of context. Avoid web cliche’s such as “click here” and “read more.”
  • Have you uploaded all images and document attachments to the Media Library?
    Simply copying and pasting these elements onto your page will not move them into your site.
  • Have you checked that all images are displaying correctly?
    Make sure your images are in-proportion and displaying at the proper size and resolution.
  • Have you included alternative text with your images?
    Alternative text ensures your images meet accessibility guidelines.
  • Are the documents attached to your site in the optimum format?
    The preferred format for viewing and sharing documents online at NC State is Google Apps. Whenever possible, avoid using .doc, .docx, .ppt & .pptx formats.
  • Are your archives properly stored?
    Include archives only to the extent that they are likely to be utilized. Consider hosting extensive archives elsewhere to improve storage economy. For more information on archival content, review university guidelines on records retention.
  • Do you have plans to review your content in the future?
    Make sure you review your content for accuracy and clarity at least once a year.