Campus Policies for the Web

Accessibility Regulation

All information and communication technology resources at NC State are required to meet web accessibility standards. For full information about the accessibility regulation, please refer to the Information and Communication Technology Accessibility Regulation.

Computer Use Policy

Students, faculty, and staff must adhere to North Carolina State University laws while working with resources such as university computers, equipment and IT components such as Gmail, Orgsync, WordPress, etc. All of these resources are owned by NC State. Any improper use of these resources will lead to negative consequences for the user.

Users cannot utilize campus resources for monetary purposes or personal use. Resources are only to be used for educational or professional reasons. Violators engaged in misconduct will be subjected to disciplinary actions.

For full information about the computer policy, please refer to the Computer Use Policy.

Computer Use Regulation

Computer resources at NC State are owned by the university or used under contract with an external provider and are used in compliance with federal and state laws, as well as university rules, regulations and policies.

For full information about computer use regulation, please refer to the Computer Use Regulation.

Copyright Policies

North Carolina State University defines “Copyright” as “the legal right to control the copying, distribution, modification, display, and performance of certain types of work. It applies to text, graphics, video, audio, and many other forms of expression.”

Students, faculty and staff cannot take the work of others as their own. There will be punishment for those who engage in this type of misconduct. The University reserves the right to terminate computer accounts of users who are guilty of copyright infringement.

For full information about copyright policies, please refer to the Copyright Regulation.

Online Hosting Course Requirements

NC State credit course websites are internally hosted by NC State-supported LMS platforms. External hosting for components of a course website requires a contractual agreement between the provider and the university and is relevant only if it provides capability beyond that provided by the LMS platform.

For full information about online hosting course requirements, please refer to the Online Hosting Course Requirements Regulation.

Social Media Guidelines

For full information about policies and practices regarding social media at NCSU, please refer to the the NCSU Best Practices for Social Media Use.